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Renouf family Genealogy

"Kia Ora" and "Hello" to all those interested in the history of the many Renouf families from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. My name is Jacky Renouf and I live in New Zealand, my family having emigrated here in the 1950's.

With the help of the Priaulx Library in Guernsey and my English cousin I have collected all the Renouf birth, death and marriage data from the parish records in Guernsey. I have also collected the census data up until 1901. In addition, I have tracked the migration of Guernsey Renoufs to Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the USA using census and other source material.

I have compiled this information into a short history of the Guernsey Renoufs, as well as putting together a number of family trees. I have also put together some brief notes on my direct ancestors, who came from St. Andrews parish, and whose earlier homes still exist. All these things can be found on the website.

I need to point out that while the Guernsey parish records are very good, as they often contain the names of godparents and the place where people lived, they do not provide a perfectly continuous record, nor are they completely unambiguous. While more than 95% of the people listed in the family trees can be confirmed as belonging to a particular family, there are people about whom I have had to make a best guess on the basis of more limited data. I solely am responsible for any mistakes that have been made in compiling the family trees. A '?' signifies where there are any uncertainties. I also want to note that I have presented the family trees only up to the early 1900's as I do not wish to compromise the privacy of people who are still alive without their expressed permission.

Jacky Renouf

I have enjoyed doing the research and discovering events in the lives of these earlier Renoufs. I have also enjoyed corresponding with numerous other genealogists with links to these Guernsey Renouf families, as well as many others with Channel Island interests. Many have contributed interesting facts about the Renoufs or the Island. I have appreciated their contributions. I look forward to finally connecting the Guernsey Renoufs to their French forbears; perhaps DNA will allow us to make these connections in the future.

I hope you will find this web site interesting and I welcome any feedback, comments or corrections.


Note: These documents are in "pdf" format. This requires the Adobe Reader, a free program downloadable from the Adobe website.